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Throw together women passionate about sports, give them a domain to reign, and you have the Ladies League. We are women who play sports, work in sports, and watch sports. We will provide your sports-craving self with personal experiences, interviews, and current events in the sports world with our added spice.


We are a league of our own. We are here to represent the 3 million women playing high school sports, the 200,000 playing college sports, and the thousands of women playing professionally. We are here to represent the 45% of NFL fans (who are female) and 30% of MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, and college sports fans (who, you guessed it, are female). We are here to represent the 10% of women sports reporters, columnists, and editors. Men dominate the sports media, so it is here that you will find your estrogen-fueled sports oasis.


Since we are hard working women who do not have time to sit around and tend to stupidity, we will not be allowing comments on our site. Like what you read though? Our content is sharable. So feel free to slap us on the ass and tell us good game on your own social media, but for now, no comments allowed on our site.


Want to be a part of our winning team? Great, we’re open to try-outs.

The Ladies League is always scouting for talent to join our team. You are welcome to become a pinch hitter (guest writer) and write an article for our site, become an MVP and we will interview you for an article, or become a walk-on and join our team full time. Don’t hesitate to send us a message to our email.

For the record, we are not here to bitch. This is merely our field where we call the plays, we commentate without the fancy suits, and we interview our own players. We are not going to burn bras and declare war on the male-driven sports industry. We will referee stupidity (regardless of gender), we will bring aspects the media does not cover to the center of the court, and we will open game-face painted eyes to life as a female player, worker, and fan.


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